Trinity College Show

UCET started the season off on a great note and finished as high point team this past Sunday, 10/15 at Trinity College.

Congratulations to Samantha Prusak, Samantha Calzone, Rebecca Mazzaferro, Samantha Christian, Julia Lineweber, Bethany Pilon, and Katherine Aristi for winning their classes.


The results from the day are as follows:

Open Fences:

Samantha Prusak: 1st

Rebecca Mazzaferro: 1st

Samantha Calzone: 5th

Marina Coleman: 5th


Open Flat:

Samantha Prusak: 3rd

Rebecca Mazzaferro: 3rd

Samantha Calzone: 1st

Marina Coleman: 3rd


Intermediate Fences:

Samantha Christian: 5th

Martine Maschio: 2nd


Intermediate Flat:

Samantha Christian: 1st

Leigh Federici: 6th

Martine Maschio: 4th


Novice Fences:

Amanda Lyons: 3rd

Amy Hetherington-Coy: 5th

Leigh Federici: 5th

Madissen Bernstein: 2nd


Novice Flat:

Amanda Lyons: 2nd

Nicole Saidnawey: 4th

Samantha Stine: 6th

Julia Linweber: 1st

Jamisson Glass: 4th


Advanced Walk Trot Canter:

Grace Landry: 5th

Bethany Keene: 6th

Sarah Wen Warykas: 3rd

Arianna Prinz: 2nd

Bethany Pilon: 1st


Beginner Walk Trot Canter:

Kira Vigue: 2nd


Walk Trot:

Katherine Aristi: 1st